Gudetama Christmas Plush

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Gudetama Christmas Plush

This grumpy egg is here to celebrate Christmas with this new Gudetama Christmas Plush by Furyu.

Size: 37cm wide

Have you met Gudetama? He’s a grumpy egg, cracked too early on the wrong side of the shell. Starring in short animations muttering and grumbling, complaining and sighing, he’s one of the newest characters to come out of Sanrio, the Japanese mega company that created Hello Kitty, and the latest in a long lineage of anthropomorphic cartoons to crack it big in Japan.

Gudetama is emblazoned on all the merchandise you can think of, from kitchen sponges to suitcases. His Tamagotchi-esque face has by now been burnt into the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. With catchphrases such as “Pah,” “Ugh,” “Meh,” “Never mind,” “Leave me alone,” “I can’t,” and “Seriously, I can’t,” he personifies millennials as seen through the eyes of older generations. His most famous snippet shows him pulling his blanket—which is a strip of bacon—to his chin and mumbling, “Five more minutes…”

This listless cartoon egg is one of the many Sanrio critters to have a shot at making it big in the Western world, following in the footsteps of Keroppi, Hello Kitty, and My Melody, to name a few. But Gudetama is the first one to have runaway success in a long while, and he’s gone viral in the way only a disaffected breakfast food could.

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