Pokemon: The Series: Gold and Silver (Limited Edition Collection)

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Pokemon: The Series: Gold and Silver (Limited Edition Collection)
A land where myths and legends are still very much alive: this is the Johto region of the Pokemon world, home to fabled Pokemon such as the majestic Ho-Oh and the mighty Lugia. Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum is headed west to Johto with his sights set on becoming a different kind of legend entirely--champion of the Johto League's Silver Conference tournament! With his old friends Brock and Misty along for the ride, he'll encounter Johto's special sights and unique Pokemon, including a few Legendary ones. When it comes to legends, there's no better place to go than Johto's ancient Ecruteak City; only a select few know all the secrets behind its fabled Tin Tower, where Ho-Oh once appeared. Then there are the Ruins of Alph, where Ash and his friends have a chance to uncover the secret of some living fossils. On the other hand, Goldenrod City is as modern and busy as can be, with a radio station that broadcasts Pokemon programmess across the land. Even farther west lies the Whirl Islands, home to their own Whirl Cup tournament...and a Lugia that desperately needs Ash's help. But no matter where Ash goes, his quest will lead him to Mt Silver and a Silver Conference showdown with his old nemesis, Gary Oak!

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